Monday, August 22, 2011

Evan at The Lodge

At the risk of stating the obvious in an unoriginal way....we had a great time at The Lodge on the Drummond Ranch in Oklahoma.

I thought I'd let you see the fun from my grandson, Evan's, perspective.

The cowhide rugs in every room were beautiful and were a comfy spot for the occasional diaper change.

He spent the first twenty-four hours or so inspecting the bathrooms....

....and the kitchen. Everything met with his approval.

As long as momma was around he was happy to meet everyone that was not his momma.

And I can only tell you, (because I don't have photos of the historic event) that Ree Drummond was his baby sitter while his momma and grandma hung out with the cowboy and horses for about two hours. Ree sung to him (including hits like The Cowman and the Farmer Should Be Friends and the Jackson's ABC), played games and even changed his poopy diaper!

The little pip-squeak is an eating machine. There was no food he didn't like. With gusto. Including a divine dinner served up by the Pioneer Woman that included cheesy bacon grits that were out of this world. He ate them again for breakfast and lunch more than a few times. This here Yankee (I) had never eaten grits before and was easily converted to a Southerner by proxy with Ree's rendition.

Evan ate and ate and ate everything in site.

His momma says Evan's motto is your food is my food.

Oregon blueberries were no exception.

Evan absolutely adored Charlie the Basset Hound. We did too.

He wanted to take him home. We did too.

Charlie sniffed Evan and Evan licked Charlie.

It seems that Charlie shares Evan's motto too.

All in all, we made lots of memories and Evan made lots of new friends.
Being the only baby at The Lodge was a cushy job.


  1. What a cute way to tell the story! He looks like he had as much fun as anybody. I'm waiting on Ree's post to see you and your girls in action.

    Now that you're hooked on grits, you're going to have to try shrimp and grits. The butter, bacon, onion and garlic kind - not tomato based. Nothing like 'em in the world.

  2. I'm so excited for you!! I can't wait to see more photos. And your grandson is such a cutie.


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