Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I have ten million things to finish before I can get on a plane to fly to Oklahoma but all I want to do is fiddle around in my flower beds. I have this strange ability to be distracted when my To Do list is very long and burdensome. Instead of prioritizing and pruning the least pressings items, I add to it by allowing myself to get pulled into some chore that's been waiting for my attention for weeks but now seems very important.

When I walk by a flower bed I see all the dead-heading and primping that needs to be done and I have to physically push myself past to continue with the errand at hand. But it's so much more fun to fluff and groom the flowers than it is to empty the mudroom so that the ceiling can be pulled down before the demolition on Saturday. Do I have to? How about if I make some flower arrangements for the house because I'm sure the guys need a little reminder of their mama while she's gone.

They really will be satisfied if I leave them with a pot of chili.

How about a blog post?  Done.

Also, since I'm two days away from an important trip, I fully expect Murphy to arrive anytime now.

Off to sort the coats.

Or not.

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