Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lesson Learned

When delivering a cake on Saturday, I just had to photograph this odd cloud formation I saw. There were no other clouds in the sky. What did it mean?

Sunday's wedding cake delivery was even more eventful when I opened the van door at the hotel and discovered the bottom tier of the cake had serious seismic activity occur along its fault lines and it was basically a mess. After having a short stationary panic I took the cake back home, (taking an extra fifteen minutes or so when my addled brain forgot about the construction on the freeway exit) to deconstruct the cake, straighten out and refrost the tier. Thank goodness I had a lot of extra icing leftover when I finished the cake the first time. Then it was back to the hotel to reconstruct and redecorate the cake in the hotel kitchen. Two hours later and still a half hour before the bridal cake cutting, the cake was presented at the reception looking almost as good as its first incarnation and hopefully the wedding party didn't know the difference.

So my very first wedding cake delivery disaster was an educational experience as all disasters should be. I had started becoming too complacent in the assumption of cake stability because things had never gone wrong before. No more. I don't care how many people are tailgating me as I ease up to a stop sign on a mountain road or cautiously creep around a turn....there's cake in here people and I'm not speeding up. And I won't be honoring any more requests for extra thick layers of fruit filling which only give the cake layers more goo to slide around on.

One nervous breakdown is enough to learn my lesson.


  1. I think those clouds are a type a cumulus cloud caused by thermals when they suddenly hit a lower pressure layer of the atmosphere. The thermals are warm bubbles of air that leave the ground when the sun heats certain parts of the earth. When they raise they may hit a thinner, colder layer of atmosphere and suddenly turn into a cloud, and then slowly blown away by a steady wind. Kind of like when you breath on a cold winter morning. Cool photo!

  2. Woo. Good thing you were there ahead of time!

  3. Those clouds look like they are following you!
    My heart wouldn't have been able to take it. No way. Maybe you should take along the extra icing, your tools, etc, when you deliver cakes. Maybe save you a trip home or to the hospital?

  4. @Seth- I'm impressed. Sounds plausible. Did you learn that with Mr. Taylor?

    @SG- I usually take some things with me in case a finger gets in the icing or something but this was major enough that there was no fixing it without getting A LOT of new icing. Thankfully it was decorated with fresh berries so I could redecorate it. If it had been ribbon or flowers I would have been hurting.

  5. I think I would have been in tears!


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