Saturday, July 16, 2011

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

My little boys have been gone from home for over a week. They are hanging out with their uncle at his airplane hangar.  While there they were given a project to keep them busy.

They took an old hunk 'o junk that was sitting around the airport....

....spent some time cleaning it up...

...and taking parts out...

...and putting seats in...

Imagination motivates creativity.

Then their Uncle Tim provided them with a computer flight simulator which they spent some time learning to use. Much better than an ol' X-box.

They then installed it into their cleaned up plane fuselage.

Any ideas what these guys might want to do when they grow up?

I know a certain grandson would would give anything in the world to sit in that seat with them.

The boys did a few finishing touch-ups to the dash board.

And they are ready to fly!

Proud of themselves and rightly so. 
I am too.


  1. An excellent way to spend a summer vacation. How many boys would give anything to be able to experience that? I know a couple.

  2. Wow - they get all the fun. I have to stay home and string green beans.
    - Bill said that

  3. I wish we had some beans to string, Bill. Our pole bean plants are only a foot tall.

  4. Half runners are taking over the place here along the Ohio River.
    - Bill said that


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