Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Monday Morning Wedding Recap

One of the very predictable things about Oregon summer is that after the 4th of July it never rains. Really. It doesn't. It is so completely reliable that the wedding industry here has become very big. We have numerous beautiful outdoor venues with spectacular mountain views, lush garden settings. charming vineyards or Columbia Gorge cliffside sites, all fully booked every weekend with brides and grooms eager to celebrate their marriages amid Oregon's natural beauty without having to think about back-up plans for inclement weather.

It took us Midwesterners a while to learn how to garden in a place that received no rain for two or three months of the year (but making up for it the rest of the year). We had to become acquainted with the irrigation system, utilizing the melting mountain snow, piping and sprinklers to water our lawns, flowers and vegetables. And really, when it rains incessantly for six months of the rest of the year, we like the break. We look forward to planning our events and excursions (like camping) knowing we don't have to worry about rain gear or needing a back-up plan for weather changes.

Which is why the rain this last weekend, in the middle of July, was so dismaying to so many. It rained Saturday morning, steadily, and I could just hear the tearful brides lamenting all over the valley. When I delivered my first wedding in the early afternoon the caterers were valiantly spreading linens on the tables surrounded by profusely flowering gardens, while large drops of rain continued to dampen the spirits of the bridal party. Luckily, those raindrops were the last precipitation for the day. The clouds parted just in time for the wedding vows and the rest of the evening was dry, temperatures only in the 60's.

That first wedding had a garden setting and a charming bird motif. This little bridal cake was a white chocolate confection.

The cupcakes also had birds in purple and orange- the trendy colors this year.

The second wedding I delivered cake to was in the middle of a hillside vineyard. The rain was actually a blessing that kept down the dust of the ground but there were some tenacious gorge winds blowing the table linens. Again, the color scheme was purple. This cake suffered a dent as I drove the bumpy trail through the vineyard. It got covered with some more flowers and turned to the back. Another learning experience.

The final wedding Saturday was at an elevation with stunning views of the green valley and orchards. Our snow capped mountain continued to be partially or fully obscured by clouds which was a disappointment to the photographers who use it as a backdrop for all these weddings. This wedding also followed the color trend of the year- orange.

Will that be the last rain for the summer? Many more brides and grooms, event planners and venue owners are hoping so!


  1. I really can't fathom three months with no rain unless it's a drought. The summer afternoon thunderstorms happen like clockwork for most summer days. Three cakes in one day? You're superwoman. Purple and orange. I had no idea.

  2. Two more great things- no rain in summer means no humidity here. We also have very few mosquitos. We've had a few earlier this year but now they seem to be gone.

    I surprised myself with the three cakes too. I was able to be very organized and kept to the schedule to make successful, on-time deliveries. I think part of that was due to my little boys being gone. Now they are back so we shall see how next weekend goes!

  3. Those are beautiful cakes! Want to mail me one in October?

  4. Are you getting married, Val? ;-)


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