Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Summer Solstice

I've complained about the Oregon weather often enough here this year that it is only right that I now acknowledge that summer has finally arrived in the Great Northwest.

More or less. We've had two or three 80 degree days this month. It's a good start!

On the summer solstice, we had a lovely sunshiney day, warm but not too much, the mountain wind was quiet, the sky was bright azure blue. We lingered on the deck after dinner through the long sunset, watching the farmer rake his hay across the road and smelling the promise of more summer.

Despite the lack of heat, my flower gardens are thriving so I felt compelled to stroll through and take some photos.

This is a new kid on the block. I have had blue lupine, a wild mountain flower, in my gardens for years but last year I planted this special variety from the nursery. This is its first bloom. What a beauty.

The underplantings of this creeping thyme have really spread into lovely carpets of chartreuse.

The rhodies are blooming though a bit later than usual.

Also, the irises- my most favorite called Repartee-

-and my second favorite Into the Night.

Floxglove have volunteered to be white this year instead of pink or yellow.

And I just love this Jupiter's beard! It's blooming near the honeysuckle in an unplanned coordination of color.

I'm ready for many more evenings like this.

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