Monday, June 27, 2011

Creeping Carpets

One of the gardens I saw last week during the garden tour used a lot of creeping thymes and groundcovers.  These diminutive plants were so beautiful in their spreading habits in rock gardens...

....along walk ways....

....and even the stairs.

These creeping thymes require very little root contact with the soil so they can spread their growth over rock or concrete like no other plant. Hearty little souls, they form a carpet that can even withstand foot traffic.

The way this gardener utilized these qualities was so charming in their garden!

Sedums are another group of plants that require little soil contact. As succulents they can also take the extra heat generated by warm stone. I really enjoyed seeing these healthy plants growing in the nooks and crannies of the garden and the cracks and crevices of the patios.

I'm definitely inspired to find more varieties of this tiny garden occupant to add to my gardens.

My latest attempts have been foiled by my chicken's scratching but I am not going to give up!


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