Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Table

Are you cooking or baking anything special for your Easter celebration? Do you have any family food traditions for Easter?

This year we are treating ourselves to dinner out at an Easter buffet at a restaurant that serves up some wonderful spring-time specialties. There will be eighteen of us for dinner and it's nice not to have to do the dishes on a holiday for once.

In the morning we will be having an Easter breakfast at church before the worship service. In past years I have made hot cross buns but this year I am going to make Grandma's braided bread. I don't know that the Easter tradition of braided bread went any farther back than Grandma (Mr. D.'s mother) but she always made it for her Easter table. It was made with a sweet yeast dough that she braided and formed into a circle. She would nestle colored hard-boiled eggs into the bread before baking. As a young bride I thought this egg in a bread nest was kind of strange- I had never seen such bread before- but now I know that it is a traditional type of bread with variations in many European cultures. Grandma made it every year and traditions need to start somewhere, right?

I'll also be making our well loved potato, bacon and cheese quiche and an asparagus fritatta for our breakfast.

What are you making? I'd love to hear!


  1. I've seen the bread with the eggs before but have never had it. We always make the Easter Story Cookies the night before. It's a tradition we began when Rebekah was just a little thing. She just called me and said we are making brunch tomorrow. I'll find out what exactly that entails when she brings her menu. I was thinking quiche and yours sounds delicious. Since all the guys are working tomorrow we girls can actually have quiche without a lot of grief. I'll make our favorite carrot cake, too. Happy Resurrection Day!

  2. The guys are working?

    Sounds wonderful. Blessed Easter to you and yours!

  3. Did Grandma boil the eggs before she put them in the bread? The instructions I read said to put them in raw and they cook while the bread bakes. I colored raw eggs and put them in the bread. I'm interested to see how the eggs taste...

  4. I don't know. I used cooked eggs today and they cracked when they baked. :-P They also lost a lot of color. But the bread looks awesome! I made honey butter to go with it.

  5. Got any photos of the bread? - Bill

  6. We have all kinds of egg dishes at our church's Easter breakfast. I made au gratin potatoes...and it's a good thing I had two extra pans at home for my family because the ones we brought to church vanished! We don't have traditional Easter dinners so much as just traditions. The "kids" hide eggs on our property. This year we had Extreme Nerf Gun Egg Hunting. It was pretty silly. And, of course, we have our traditional egg spinning contest. What a hoot...though with my three oldest sons gone (two working, one serving his country), it wasn't as goofy as it could have been. So we'll probably do it all again in a couple week. :-)

  7. Sounds like a blast and lots of great memories!


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