Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweet Tart

I did it.

I entered the food52/Martha Stewart recipe contest over at the food52 blog. The theme of the contest is Sweet and Savory Tarts and it is celebrating the launch of Martha Stewart's New Pie and Tarts Cookbook.

I entered my favorite tart recipe, developed during summers of bountiful blueberry harvests- my Lemon Cloud Blueberry Tart. This is the winter version using frozen blueberries. 

You can see (and vote for!) my recipe on the food52 blog here.

Wish me luck! Winning something would be sweet!


  1. I went there, but didn't see how to vote. It looks marvelous. I'll bet it tastes even better! Hope you win!

  2. Beautifully presented my friend. I gave you a thumbs up - is that how we vote? What's the prize?? I've been lucky enough to eat some of this and you absolutely are a contender!

  3. Looks absolutely delicious! I hope you win!


  4. There is a "thumbs up" icon but it doesn't seem to be recording any votes on my recipe despite attempts to do so. I'm confused.


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