Friday, March 25, 2011

Photo Session

When oldest daughter, Katie, and her family visited us during the winter, we made a concerted effort to get some family pictures done. During the last visit, a year ago, we didn't get to take some until the last evening before our son-in-law Nathan was scheduled to leave. It was late in the evening and this was the result.

This time I herded and corralled the kids together on an afternoon during a break in the dismal winter rain and we had some fun with Kris' camera.

Forget about getting seven kids to smile pretty for the camera. It works better to just let 'em be kids.

Altogether now...
But of course, someone's timing had to be off every time.
Just so you know, I think we took hundreds of these to come up with just one decent photo!

But we squeezed in one traditional shot. Here we are-
My Family

Kris, Ted (aka Mr. D.), Pam (aka Clayvessel), Seth, Nathan, Katie, Neal and Alyssa
Little boys in front are Samuel, Peter, Jonah and Baby Evan.


  1. Very fun!
    I can remember my parents having all 10 of us line up by age around the couch. No moving! :) And tons of photos to go through to find the right one to make copies of, back in the before-digital age.

  2. Fun shots. The memories you made while getting the shots makes it even better.

    Please tell me how you did that with the photos. (Or direct me to a tutorial.) I've got a couple of series of photos that I would love to "animate".

  3. Jules- I hear ya! Getting a good photo with a whole bunch of (young) people is a ridiculous challenge. I found that being goofy didn't make it much better since we still had timing issues and getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time, etc. etc. It wasn't just "smile!".

    Southern Gal- I happen to have a house guest right now that is a computer geek and he found the GIF site and taught me what to do. I'll send you an email with the details.

  4. A fine-looking bunch, I must say. Almost makes me want a big family. I'm just too much of a wimp to actually do it, given that all the manufacturing would have to be done by me.

  5. OK, not all the manufacturing. I do appreciate that two of those are grandkids!

  6. How did you make the "cartoons" of those pictures? That's brilliant! There is SO MUCH I don't know about computers and want to. Someday.

  7. Barb- I used this website:


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