Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Greedeep... Greedeep.

Mom! Mom!! We found a GIANT bullfrog down by the pond!! It's as big as my hand!!!
You better grab it before it hops away.


Fine. I'll do it.

What's the matter with you boys? You can hold a lil' ol' frog. It won't hurt you.

No! I don't want to! Yuck!!

Man up, boy! Don't be a disgrace to your kind. It's just a frog.

Ehhhwwww.....okay that's long enough.

Take it away! Somebody take it! Take it!!!

Sheesh. What has our species come to when boys can't handle a slimy lil' frog?


  1. Bravo, Mom!

    I love the choice of gloves...

  2. That isn't even a big frog. Such wimps. LOL

  3. sue, they wouldn't believe me when I told them it was a small frog. The only frogs they have ever caught before are the little one inch long tree frogs we have around here.

    Southern Gal- and even with the baseball gloves he was seriously creeped out by the sliminess of it.

  4. CV,
    I think you are in Oregon, right? I hope you aren't near the coast and dealing with the uncertainties of a tsunami......thinking about you and yours.....

  5. Thank you, iowacowgirl. We are in the mountains but we'll be watching the news all day like everyone.

  6. What would happen if you told them 8-year-old girls hold frogs?


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