Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Do you eat "Iron Fortified" breakfast cereal? You may want to watch this enlightening video...

And in our country we have the ever watchful Food and Drug Administration that protects us from harmful foods and drugs and makes sure that we have laws and regulations so that everything available to us is good for us.


Now think of all the other "enriched" foods on the grocery store shelves, marketed to consumers as "healthy" and pushed by the medical establishment and dietitians as a good way to supplement our daily intake of nutrients like- enriched flour, cereals, vitamin fortified bread products and even fruit juices. Many vitamin fortified cereals come in amazing unnatural (for food) colors and are coated with sugar and yet according to the marketing, parents should feel good about giving their children a beneficial, nutritional breakfast when they serve them.

With foods like these as part of what is considered a "good diet" in America, is it any wonder we have any number of disease epidemics starting earlier and earlier in life? Childhood diabetes, obesisty, ADHD? We hear about it in the news every day and countless dollars are spent on studies to understand why we have these problems.

Isn't the answer right in front of us?

And then what really grinds my oats is that when I want to buy a truly health-building food, like oh, say....raw milk....because of the strong arm of the FDA it is completely unavailable in some states, illegal to sell, and in others, like Oregon, it is very difficult to get. After years of raising goats so that we could drink our own fresh milk, we are now purchasing fresh, healthy milk from a farm that raises hearty grass-fed cows. But that means we have to pay $10 a gallon and bring it in from a farm sixty miles away! To protect themselves from prosecution the farmers have to sell "herd shares" to their milk customers so that the customers actually own a portion of the cow from which they choose to have milk since they supposedly are risking their health by drinking fresh milk. It is ridiculous that a loop hole has to be manufactured so that people can truly have free choices for a healthy diet.

Never mind that human beings have been drinking and thriving on raw, unpasteurized milk since the beginning of time.

The world is messed up.


  1. $10 a gallon!??!?! Holy cats, I feed milk to the chickens.

    Iron filings? Gross. Why do people think this is okay? The world is truly messed up.

  2. its all about the $$$, sad


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