Monday, March 21, 2011

Are You Ready? I'm Not.

The first official full day of spring!

We have some signs of it here. They are wet cold signs though.

Today's sunshine is the first we have seen in weeks!

I'm not ready for spring for some reason. The word "Spring" this year is nothing but a four letter word to me...

...W O R K

I need some more time off, hunkered down in my dusty abode.
I can't yet face the pruning, raking, weeding, seeding, cleaning, and preening that spring brings.

Apparently with every year that I get older, I also get lazier.

Next year....retirement!

Also, there are little indoor projects that only get done during the winter before outside W O R K takes over. My list of these indoor projects is not yet accomplished. I need more time!

Here is one recently finished project. The great part about it is that I didn't have to do a thing!

This entertainment center is a piece of furniture that we have had for about sixteen or seventeen years. All I have is this fuzzy photo to show you how it looked. My dad built this for us as a Christmas gift soon after we moved to Oregon. It served us well as a place to display the television, stereo and electronic equipment as well as hundreds of thousands of VHS videos. The boys used the bottom storage areas as a tractor shed and truck garage during their play sessions. It also made good Hide and Go Seek cover. Over time the door hinges were destroyed and the wood surfaces suffered many abuses.

So this winter we sent this well-loved piece out to friends with impressive wood-crafting skillz to be renewed and restored. Besides getting all new hardware, another set of doors was fitted into the top section. The bruises were attended to and it received a refreshing paint job.  The result:

A whole new look! 
I love it!

Now to keep the boys from hiding out inside of it.


  1. You're fickle. How many times have I heard you loooong for spring?

    The entertainment center looks great! Is Grandpa rolling over in his grave because "you painted beautiful wood"? ;-)

    Now you need to paint that living room...

  2. I usually do long for spring, but this year I strangely have not been. Still not. Maybe because I know what's coming with all the weddings already lined up. Once it starts there will be no rest until fall!

    As far as painting- the wood wasn't "beautiful" but as you remember, very plain birch and beat to heck.

    Not sure if I'll get to the wall painting...

  3. We kind of have spring. But we're so dry that wildfires are already everywhere. There was one less than 20 miles from us last night. If the good Lord blesses us with rain, we'll have our lovely spring. Enjoy yours, Pam! LOVE the blooms. :-)

  4. I saw the fire on the news and wondered why in the world there was a fire? It's not fire season yet, is it? I thought you guys got lots of snow this winter.
    Not much spring here. Cold, rainy, and no warm spell yet at all. The weather folks say it's going to be a new record for the latest 60 degree temps of spring.


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