Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who wants fudge cake?

Is it because it's February that people have chocolate on their minds? I have three separate chocolate fudge cakes this weekend. A small one with chocolate cream filling for a bride's wedding cake sample; Katie wants fudge cake with mocha icing and hazelnut mousse filling for her birthday party...

...and this was for a client who ordered it for his wife's surprise birthday party. The wife loves walnuts so I incorporated them by making a toasted walnut mousse filling as well as a raspberry cream filling for the fudge cake. The cake is iced with vanilla light cream icing and decorated with toasted walnuts, chocolate ganache and raspberry puree. I think it looks like something I'd find in Vienna. If I was in Vienna....


  1. My mom would love that cake. Her birthday is Wednesday. I wish...

  2. If you were in Vienna, with a window for hordes of hungry tourists to pass by, you might make a killing.
    Some of the prettiest things in the windows of the touristy places are not the tastiest!

    When I'm touristing, I feel pretty confident in French pastries and Italian gelati. I don't know where to go for really good cakes.

    Of course I can't be sure, but my bet is that you're as busy as you are because your wares are delicious as well as decorative.

  3. Oh my goodness! That is gorgeous!

  4. Thank you!

    @a chris- I agree with you about looks vs. taste. The pastries I've had in Europe (France, Austria, Switzerland) usually tasted as delicious as they looked but not so in America. There are some amazing looking confections in the city here but I have found them very disappointing in flavor. (I do need to continue taste-testing though!) I am really trying, in my products, to be like the Europeans! Two wedding coordinators from the city tasted the bride's sample cake yesterday and gave me very nice compliments and want to recommend me to their other clients over the city vendors. It is always gratifying to get that kind of feed-back.


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