Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kodak Moments

I took my babies to the airport today...

....to leave on a jet plane to their home three million miles away.

I try not to think about what that means.

Though Jonah always likes another excuse to see airplanes, he was very sad to leave Grandma's house.

While they were here we made a lot of wonderful memories together.
We did a lot of cooking together in the kitchen.

Hung out with friends and family...

Stocked up on baby time and snuggles and kisses.

The kids did all kinds of fun things together: swimming, roller skating, hiking....

....played games, read books...

I cherish our moments together as a family, no matter how short, how fleeting.

I also cherish all the photos we take to preserve those family times.

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  1. Your house looks fun! Glad you made a lot of great memories. Hope they visit you again soon.


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