Friday, January 21, 2011

Unusual Behaviors

The boys were so excited about going to the airport to pick up their sister, brother-in-law and nephews that they displayed unsolicited exemplary behavior for about twelve hours before. When they discovered that they still had to do school work on airport day, they got the books out and cheerfully did the next day's work before they went to bed! When they went to bed the night before the trip, they didn't get up even a single time for a drink of water. I didn't have to tell them once to stop talking as I usually do four hundred times every night. They were anxious to go to sleep so that the morning would come around as fast as possible.

And now we are having fun getting to know the newest addition to our family who has grown and changed so much in the six months since we last saw him.

Of course I spent a lot of time snuggling and holding my precious baby grandson but I was continuously untangling my hair out of his grasping fingers. I finally just put my hair up to keep it out of his hands. Turns out his mama has to do the same thing. But it doesn't deter the baby.

When Evan is tired he comforts himself by sucking his thumb. If he is being held he reaches around with his other hand to get a strand of hair of the person who is holding him.

I think it is sweet. Where do these behaviors come from?


  1. develop that last pic in B&W and it would be so cool!...
    He is so CUTE! Can't wait to see them...

  2. So sweet. I know you're enjoying every second of their visit.

  3. What a great photo - sucking his thumb and holding on to the little loose hairs.


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