Saturday, January 22, 2011

Surprise Wedding

I had a fun wedding cake today.

The flowers were very simple. Just roses and orchids. The florist showed me what she was doing with the bouquets which included gold pins in the rose heads.

This wedding was a surprise wedding.

Everyone- all the family and friends- knew about the wedding.....

....the surprise was for the bride!


  1. Yes. What?

    Oh. I'm betting she _was_ planning to get married that day, though. Right?

  2. She was not planning to get married that day. She had a dress but for whatever reason could not manage to plan the rest of the wedding. The groom finally got tired of waiting and took over. He and all the family/friends surprised her Friday night with the plan for the wedding Saturday afternoon. She was thrilled! She said he was the greatest man in the world. (Uh, yeah!)


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