Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Rumination

#1  It's January and I think lots of people must get engaged at Christmas and New Years. I am currently answering emails and phone calls from brides, MOBs and wedding coordinators. With three consultations and two elopements already scheduled this month, the 2011 wedding season has begun!

#2  I am aggravated by the number of things getting broken around here. The framed water color that I got as a Christmas gift. A lid from one of my pottery sugar canisters and then the glass lid from the extra large flour jar too! Several pieces of the set of dinnerware I made have been broken, including another dinner plate tonight! We aren't going to have much of a set left soon. I will have to get back in the studio just to replace the stuff in my own kitchen! What is it with the butterfingers around here? (Of course it has nothing to do with the granite tile that replaced that bouncy blue laminate on the countertops, right?)

#3  With the removal of a large piece of furniture that is getting a facelift, I had to (finally!) clean out the collection of VHS videos that have been stored for a hundred years. (What else is January for if not cleaning things out?) Now, what do I do with 49,000 VHS videos? It seems like some kind of crime to just put them in the garbage can. Is there a recycling system for the billions and trillions of VHS plastic in the world? And what about the family home videos recorded on these things? How do I convert the really special ones to digital? I have spent a bit of time viewing some of these gems. Today the little boys saw some vintage family footage from 1987. Samuel made my day when he declared, No wonder Dad married you- you look really cute! Yes, back in the day...

#4  Speaking of how I look...since starting my regimen of lap swimming twice a week (70 laps = 1 mile) two months ago.....I have gained weight.

Someone just shoot me.

#5  I'll tell you a secret. I bought some paints and brushes. The kind for painting pictures. Today I allowed my inner wannabe artist self to emerge and started a painting project.  We'll see where it goes.

#6 After spending a year trying to teach the boys to play the piano, I decided to spend money on a "real" piano teacher and drag the kids to lessons every week. They love their teacher and their playing has improved by leaps and bounds. Having a lesson in town motivates the daily whine-free practice time and hearing the music in the house makes it so much easier for me to write the check.

#7  The best news of the month, of the year.... that my dearly missed grandbaby boy is coming to see me....

....and he's bringing his brilliant, inquisitive and charm-filled big brother with him.
And his mommy and daddy too.

We're going to have some good times here very soon.


  1. I've been putting off going through a large basket of VHS tapes. My dad has one of those machines that converts VHS to DVD and we've never used it. Now we'll have to have Blu-Ray. I'm with you...HOW?

    #7 IS the best news of the year! Yay for family coming home. I'm happy for you.

  2. I'm sorry for the broken things. That hit me for some reason! It's easy to craft for others, but so easy to make time for the in-house needs.

  3. I also have a box full of the 8mm camera tapes (in two sizes!) that need to be converted to something watchable. I can't even look at them because the cameras they were filmed on no longer work.

    I need to call on my nerdy kids for solutions.

  4. I used to take mine into Shutterbug and they converted the tapes to disc. Now my dad has the machine so I let him do it ;)

  5. I apologize now. When I got to #4, I was hysterical. How does this happen? I went to Weight Watchers and gained weight! So, I'm sorry I laughed but it was just too funny.

  6. Yeah, the same thing my husband did when I told him.

  7. Swimming builds muscle, muscles weighs more than *ahem* other body tissue that's not muscle. SO there you have it- all explained.

  8. Aw. What a sweet son! Also, still Mr. Informative.


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