Monday, January 24, 2011

How Do You Spell I Scream?

Continuing in the tradition of bribing the kids to do well with their schoolwork... scholars finally earned themselves another ice cream cone by getting perfect scores on their spelling tests. The only way to earn the ice cream is for every student in the school to get an error-less test. This ensures that they root for and help each other to achieve success.

Even in January our small mountain town sells ice cream.

I thought about getting myself a double scoop of ice cream doused with fudge and caramel in an effort to lose some of the weight I put on while exercising in the lap pool but I decided that would be too much effort.

This little ice cream shop has two display walls with photos of the unique class of people that enjoy black licorice ice cream....

...and the effect it has on their smiles.

I'll be happy if the ice cream continues to have an effect on the spelling test scores around here.


  1. Aw! I wish we had a shop like that around here! (Or an Italian gelato shop. With quasi-Italian weather and Italian sunlight.)

  2. I love places like that. That's what makes it a home town. Can't get that kind of charm at a national chain.


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