Thursday, January 27, 2011

Boy Stuff

Number One Grandson has been having some fun at Grandma's house too.

He didn't grow and change quite as much as his little brother did since the last time we saw them.
He's the same endlessly curious, questioning boy who loves scientific and historical play exercises.

What's really fun for Jonah is that when he comes to his Grandma's house he has playmates. Not his cousins...

....his uncles!

How many uncles and nephews get to play together as little boys?

Ten year old uncles can make pretty good baby entertainers too...

...introducing them early to the boy need for perpetual noise and motion.


  1. It's a wonderful thing to have children and grandchildren semi-close in age. While Ethan loves his niece, he has requested a nephew next time.

  2. Uncles Rock IMO!
    I too have an Uncle 10 years older than me. We have had the most fun growing up together.

    Any who, I followed you over here from the Pioneer Woman and before I get sidetracked by your adorable grandchildren & children...I must ask you about your "scratch" version of the PW's Pig Cake. Would LOVE to have a copy of that recipe!

    Below is my email addy if you feel so inclined. ;)

  3. I have had SO many requests for that recipe. I'm glad to know people are not so enamored with cake mixes.
    Thanks for stopping by, DeAyn. I'll send you an email.

  4. Ooh please could you show us your version! I have just looked at Pioneer Womans, and although it looks extremely delicious, I too would much rather make it from scratch with 'real' ingredients.
    PS. Love your blog (and your daughters)


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