Monday, December 6, 2010

The Call of Community

I love the community spirit of a small town.

In any gathering of our small town there are no strangers. Only friends and neighbors.

This weekend the citizens of our town gathered for a special purpose: to raise money for the health needs of a young man who grew up right here. The community enthusiastically came out in force.

Wherever there is a gathering of friends and neighbors, there is a spread of good food. Food is fellowship. It brings people together at a common table. Breaking bread together while swapping the latest news with an old neighbor or a friend not seen in ages is a form of fellowship as old as humankind.

The need for donations for an auction to raise funds was met with a robust response. There were so many donations that there were too many to include. Some were held back for the next event.

Despite hard economic times, the friends and neighbors bid and bought until there was nothing left.

And in one little corner of the world, people felt the love and well-wishes of a whole community of friends.

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