Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Couple of Monkeys and Their Snack

The problem with allowing a kid to accompany me to the grocery store.... inevitably I come home with something that wasn't on the shopping list...

Not necessarily because the kid was hungry, mind you. You know the axiom about not shopping for food when you are hungry...

....but just because the kid is curious and has a need to follow his impulses.

I asked my boys if they had ever seen Gilligan open a coconut.

They had never heard of Gilligan.

I'd rather not examine what that means about me, or my kids.

After one taste of the coconut and its water...

...and a little discussion about how it is a seed and what the outer "nut" looks like and how it will sprout when it sits on a beach for a bit....

...their coconut curiosity was satiated.

Anybody have any good recipes or uses for the broken coconut bits in my refrigerator?


  1. Hi! I just found your blog. If you still have that coconut and want to know how to use it, How about shredding it up with a fine grater, then baking it into this yummy coconut chess pie. We live in Belize, where coconut is plenty, and this is my favorite use for coconut!


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