Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Miserable Ones

Public high schools these days.....
They are in dire need of an overhaul.
From the dress code.... the quality of the academics... the equipment. There's never enough- rooms, desks, necessities...

They want to expand, build additions...

...and some days there isn't even enough cafeteria food for all the starving children...

So there is a continual clamor for more money: levies, bonds, taxes. It never ends.

   Do you hear the people sing
     Lost in the valley of the night
     It is the music of a people
     Who are climbing to the light
     For the wretched of the earth
     There is a flame that never dies
     Even the darkest night will end
     And the sun will rise.


  1. Les Mis! My favorite. Looks like they all had fun. Now I'll have to watch it on YouTube because the movies just don't give you the emotion of the musical.

  2. My favorite musical (really opera) of all time. We saw a professional casting of this at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater with my parents, and I've worn out the CDs in years past listening to it.

    What part is Alissa playing?

  3. Alyssa is in the chorus and has about five costume changes. You can see her in the fifth and sixth photos in the blue dress and bandana and long scraggly hair.
    Katie and I saw a professional show years ago in Portland too. The music is spectacular. The kids did a great job. Such a complicated show. Sam and Pete had no idea what was going on despite my efforts to explain the story. They just spent the time watching for their sister.
    It romanticizes the French Revolution and I disagree with the PG rating but we enjoyed it nevertheless!

  4. Mom! We saw the Broadway production in Portland TOGETHER. I'll never forget it... :-)

  5. Yes! Me too! (Isn't that what I said?)

  6. Oh... haha... I read that wrong. nevermind. heeee...


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