Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Please Not Yet

Around 4:30 a.m. today we woke up to the whirring blades of fans. We are used to hearing the fans in the dark of the mornings in springtime but fans in the autumn are just plain unnecessary. Nevertheless, I know that the fans automatically come on only when the temperature gets close to freezing. We have not yet had a hard frost and are enjoying a blissfully long Indian summer. Hearing the fans put me into a panic. It was clear and cold, and those early morning hours are when the temperature can dip to frosty. I was panicked about losing the flowers in the gardens. If they die I won't see them again for at least another six months.

Six months of clouds, rain, fog, rain, snow, fog, rain, mud, rain, fog, mud, snow, rain....you get the idea.

I thought about getting out of bed, finding a flashlight, a coat and some clippers and going outside to clip all the flowers I could find before the frost covered them... one last bouquet before the growing season leaves me with the gray funk of seasonal affective disorder.

Seriously. I thought seriously about getting out of bed to cut flowers in the dark. This is how I think when I am faced with the end of the garden season.

The cosmos that I plant from seed every year are a prolifically blooming border along the driveway.

I have been unable to find any seed to collect for next year because there is a flock of goldfinches that spend every day cleaning out the seed buffet. I am not ready to see these turn to a brown stand of dead flowers.

I am still harvesting my very very late tomatoes. The experimental San Marzanos are just finally getting ripe! Please! No frost yet!

I didn't get out of bed in the dark. But I did rush out before breakfast to check on the dahlias.
Yes, they had a light frost but survived to bloom for one more day.

I took no chances and cut all the dahlia blooms for another bouquet.
But I live with the anxiety of what tomorrow morning will bring.


  1. I'm glad they made it through the night. This made me realize I take our weather for granted. We are in the 90's, but it will be in the 70's for the rest of the week. Flowers are still blooming. Mums are abundant and pansies will be planted as soon as it gets too cold for those. I need to get outside and breath it all in.

  2. Frost hit me this am also.............canna's are crying........all else ..........dying, boo hoo

  3. Ack! Get those green tomatoes in! If they get frost on them, they won't ripen...

    We are still amazingly unfrosted. This pretty much never happens!

  4. In the 90's, Southern Gal???

    I don't have time to deal with the twenty pound box of ripe tomatoes I picked so nevermind the green ones.....someday I'll make green tomato salsa or chutney but not this year.


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