Thursday, October 7, 2010

Martha Doesn't Live Here

Martha Stewart's cider press:

Our cider press:

Attire for making cider with Martha:

Attire for making cider with us:

Martha? or Us?


  1. I'd rather make cider with you any day.

    I'd be so uncomfortable and out of place making cider with Martha...

  2. Martha, Martha, you are troubled about many things, such as your perfect image, and that brand-new press you buy every time you want to make cider.

  3. Haha!
    Because you can't throw it into a dishwasher afterwards.
    Did you notice that hers has to be hand-cranked and ours has a MOTOR !

  4. As much as I love Martha, I would choose to make cider with you! Some how it just looks like it would be more fun and taste a lot better.

  5. Aaawwww....thank you!

    At our cider parties (which have been taken over by our friends as hosts the last few years) we always, ALWAYS have fresh hot doughnuts. I didn't see any of those at Martha's party.

  6. There is nothing like fresh cider! Regardless of what the press and the people look like the taste is still the same!
    Now I want some cider!!!


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