Thursday, October 28, 2010

All the News That Is News. And Some That's Not...

A random list of random thoughts:

1. The Mighty Hunter (Neal) once again had a successful hunt; he got a nice bull elk the first morning of elk season.  He and his hunting partner then had to field dress, butcher and pack out all the meat five miles in the mountains back to camp. It took a day and a half to get it all out.

2. Guess what we'll be eating on Thanksgiving Day!

3. Mr. Dirtywrench headed out to elk camp tonight. I am officially off-duty for the next three days. Even though there are still three kids in the house that occasionally need to be fed, they will gladly (yea, enthusiastically) eat popcorn for dinner.  If I feel like lifting a finger in the kitchen it will be to make girl food which will not be eaten sitting at the dinner table. I have some puff pastry in the freezer that I am thinking of doing something phoofy with.

4. Does anyone have some good Netflix movies to recommend for me? Movie requirements for this weekend will be that they contain no gun fights or car chases. Yes, Chique Flique.

5. I am making and delivering my last ten dozen apple turnovers. Apple Turnover Season is officially over until next year.

6. Mt. St. Laundry has erupted. Recovery could take a while.

7. Why? Why? Why? do boys keep all their dirty socks under their bed? When I finally give in and buy them some new socks, because I am tired of seeing the same two and a half pairs of dingy, holey socks go through the laundry, I then find the other eight and a half pairs of dirty but decent socks under their bed.  I won't even talk about the underwear I find under there. Underwear under there. Heh.

8. I've been cleaning underneath boys' beds for twenty four years.

9. I shouldn't say all their socks are under their bed because there are at least four more pairs scattered around outside. On the porch. In the barn. In the garden. Backyard. Driveway.

10.  The internet is the best guitar resource on the planet. Every song in the world can be found on the internet. The lyrics, chords, tablature (which I cannot read anyway) and finger-picking demonstrations are all there for free. If this had been available to me thirty-five years ago, I'd be a much better guitar player today and I would have played more than the same six songs all this time.

11. I'm currently working on "Southland in the Springtime." Favorite line: when God made me a yankee He was teasin'.

12. We have five registered voters in our household. Five. Can anyone imagine the avalanche of election junk mail we get every flippin' day!?! What a waste of money! We don't even look at any of it! Stop! Please, for the love of Abe Lincoln! Stop!

13. Can I rant about the election poll phone calls we get every single day? Every hour?
I'm begging. Please. Stop.

14. I planted more tulips (double pinks that look like peonies) and nice tall allium (purple and white). I can't wait for spring!

15.  This weekend I have my first cake consultation with a bride and groom. Wedding Season 2011 has officially begun.


  1. 1. So awesome!
    3. Popcorn? Come now... haven't we discussed this? Also-- wish I could come be a hunting widow with you!
    4. I recently watched "Babies" on Netflix. Not exactly a chick flick, but definitely something most guys would be bored stiff by. I thought it was fascinating, though!
    8. Foreshadowing... I am now afraid.
    13. Ya gotta mess with 'em! Tell them you don't vote Dem or Rep and listen to them suck air!

  2. Kay and I really enjoyed "Only The Lonely" with Jim Candy and Maureen O'Hara. Her last movie.

  3. Not really a romance more of a mystery but it has subtitles - "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and now the second one is out "The Girl who Played with Fire." And the books are excellent too.


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