Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September Days

If you had stopped by here on our little farm on the north slopes of Mt. Hood anytime in the last few days, you may have seen any or all of the following:

* a large box of garlic heads being braided into hanging clusters

* lots of vanilla, lemon poppyseed and chocolate fudge cupcakes

* a wheelbarrow full of corn being shucked

* a hide-less ten point buck hanging from the porch of the chicken house

* a new bicycle parked in the kitchen

* homeschoolers lounging in the warm sunshine reading history books

* green pole beans being snapped

* thirteen people sitting around the dinner table eating warm berry cobbler with whipped cream

* boxes of farm stand tomatoes waiting to be made into salsa and roasted pasta sauce

What's happening at your place during these warm September days?

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