Monday, September 27, 2010

September Blooms

For years I have been trying very unsuccessfully to grow tuberous begonias.

It seemed that no matter where I planted them they would inevitably get stomped by children or dogs just as they began to make flower buds.

Last spring I again succumbed to the call of the tubers in Costco. The Call of the Tubers. Sounds like some weird Return of the Blob type movie. But they do call to me and I can't leave the store without at least one bag in my cart even though I know the odds of successful begonia growing are not in my favor.

But I got smart and planted the tubers in pots and hid them on my deck out of the path of marauding boys and stampeding dogs. The plants were slow, -very slow- to grow but eventually, when the heat of summer finally arrived around August 20, the plants had reached a mature size and started forming flower buds.

And now my patience and perseverance has paid off!

I want to guard and protect them from wagging tails and flailing feet.
And heaven forbid we get any kind of frost before November 1!!

And there is one more September bloom that takes my breath away every time I see it...

I think this is the best dahlia ever!

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