Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If You Dream It...

All this week Sam has been telling me how he is going to drive his very own truck for bringing in hay. I just nodded and smiled thinking that he was describing his and his brother's latest play scenario in their new vehicular acquisition. You know, that truck that they've been living in out in the driveway.

But today his pronouncement came true. The ten year old got to drive his own truck. With the keys and everything.

He had to press his belly against the steering wheel to reach the gas pedal.

And since the truck is half Peter's, he got his chance behind the wheel too.

They didn't have to memorize the driver's handbook or learn about traffic patterns.
But they did have to figure out the gear shift with the broken indicator arrow and wind shield wipers that wouldn't turn off.

I would like to take this opportunity to announce a first for me also. I drove their truck for the first time today too.
And for the first time in three and a half decades of driving.....I backed a trailer!

How have I gotten away with never backing a trailer in thirty five years?
I have always been surrounded by male drivers more competent then me and if a trailer situation ever came up I've always been able to whine myself out of it.

I have attempted to back trailers in the past but I have never, ever successfully backed a trailer into a specific spot. Please notice in the above photo that both support poles are still standing and intact. Untouched. And that the trailer is parked straight. And that there is no damage to the barn wall. And I only had a ten year old assisting me.

Can I get a High Five?

So we may not live on a million acre cattle ranch with massive equipment, trucks and trailers...

...but those Drummond kids don't have anything on my farm boys.
Who own their own truck.


  1. Oh, and you're brave. We have a huge front yard with just a few trees in a grove. My then 7yo ran over one of the scrawny pine trees on the edge of that grove with a lawn mower. Hurt the lawn mower and the tree. I would never put him behind the wheel of a truck!!

  2. Hahaha! So great. Take that, PW. :-P

    Congrats on the trailer backing. You're a better woman than I...

  3. Ah, thanks.
    My bucket list keeps getting shorter and shorter.

  4. Ah, "raising them boys" that's why your life is a blur of fun and excitement - but they will soon be gone. But all will not be lost. "Raisin' them boys part II (grandsons)" Then you can say - send a couple of your boys over to spend the summer with me because there is a few things I want to show them and I could use some help with the garden. - Bill

  5. And I will definitely say that, Bill, because I don't think I could live without boys!


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