Friday, September 3, 2010

The Grand Tour

My boys got a gift that is every boy's dream.
No, not an X-box or their own cell phone or a semi-automatic pea shooter.

They have their own truck.

How this happened, I'm not exactly sure, except that we had a dear friend and neighbor who passed away recently. He thought a lot of our boys and they thought a lot of him. He wanted to give them his truck.

His family suggested that we sell it and use the money for the boys' educational needs.

The boys said.....NO WAY!!

They have spent their whole lives with various trucks and vehicles in the yard that were off-limits to their shenanigans. Now, they have their very own truck, complete with all the working parts, and they get to do whatever they want with it, right? Well, except drive it.

The first morning it was in the driveway the boys were out there the minute their eyes opened. No breakfast necessary. By the time I went out to see their prize they already knew what every nook and cranny held. They proudly showed all the features their new truck the air conditioner.

They knew what was under the seat, behind the seat and in the back.

The truck came complete with tool box...

....snow studs...and various other boxes of boy treasure.

So now I can go ahead and make their bedroom into an office or sewing room because the boys are pretty much living in the truck.

It doesn't matter to them that all they can do for the next six years without keys is honk the horn and turn on the blinkers.


  1. Good for them. They look like some more happy boys.

  2. Oh - way cool! I'm sure dad will help them make a weekly maintenance check list.
    Liquid levels?
    Tire pressures?
    Trickle the battery for --- min?
    Do you love this truck check yes or no.
    - Bill

  3. The boys are completely over the moon about it.


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