Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Wedding Cake Soundtrack

On any given Saturday in summer, if you came to my kitchen and found me icing stacks of cake you would hear my mood music playing. The wedding cake soundtrack keeps me in mind of the celebration of the day- the anticipation, the preparations by armies of people like me behind the scenes, and the joyous love of the people that will be eating my confection at the end of it all.

I used to listen to the CD that was the playlist for my daughter's wedding reception. I listened to that over and over and over while making cakes in my early days.

But now I have Pandora! This wonderful internet radio station customizes my soundtrack for the days I am preparing wedding cake.

So while I am running the mixer to make another batch of light cream icing, or twirling the cake on the decorating wheel, or arranging flowers and butterflies in just the right places on the reception masterpiece, (ahem), I am being inspired and motivated by love songs sung by Harry Connick, Michael Buble, Mel Torme, the ever-entertaining Dean Martin, Norah Jones and the inimitable voice of Nat King Cole.

Doesn't listening to that make you want to get dressed up, make a toast to the bride and groom with a glass of champagne and eat wedding cake?

Or at least watch "Father of the Bride?"


  1. Love those artists. We made a soundtrack for Rebekah's wedding. I have it here and play it at the most random times. I can imagine the inspiration for wedding cake creativity it effectuates.

  2. Love those butterflies on the cake! I actually have a 'tribal' butterfly tattooed over my heart...Okay, to much info, I know.

  3. @ SG- I wouldn't be surprised if Rebekah's and Katie's soundtracks sound similar!

    @ UC - not sure what a "tribal" butterfly is...does that refer to the way it's drawn?


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