Friday, August 13, 2010

A succulent

Katie was correct (if you read the comments of yesterday's post about the alien "flower").

This "hen" had so many "chicks" she went to seed.

And since I unmercifully hacked off the flower right after I photographed it, I can't show you the odd juxtaposition of that tall appendage sticking out of this pot. Forethought can be a good thing. I need to find me some.

This other little clump of hens and chicks in the flower bed also produced a flower. Again, I was tired of looking at the oddity and whacked it before making photographic evidence. Not much of a blogger am I.


  1. How strange! I wonder if they'd last inside. You could propagate them and make a killing :)

  2. The chicks are very easy to propagate anyway. They barely need soil. You just break one off and set it to grow somewhere. Very little water requirements too.


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