Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lavender Fields Forever

It's lavender time.

There are a number of spots around the valley where a few farmers are raising lavender. As soon as the flowers turn color and smile at the sky Mr. Dirtywrench and I jump on the Yamaha and take a lavender tour. There is a small field not far from our house, right next to the highway where people can stop and get a closer look. There is a larger planting in a small town lower in the valley. They have an annual lavender festival with attractions and activities. We regularly ride by to watch the progression of growth, eagerly awaiting the time when the field bursts into color.

The presence of these fragrant fields is a testament to the diversity of our state and especially of our little valley.


  1. I wish I were in Oregon. It hit 107 on my outside thermometer the other day... the one in the shade. sigh.

    I don't totally love the scent of lavender oil, soap or candles, I think it is too intense and always smells fake. But I love the plant and using it in sachet and flower arrangements. The color! The fields of color are so awesome.

    I can't get lavender to grow for me. There is a lavender "ranch" not too far from here where they grow it commercially, so I know its not the climate. Its me.

  2. 107??? Plus humidity?? How can a person even function? Yes, come here. It's hovering around 85 with no humidity. Perfect summer (though late in arriving!)

    Try another lavender variety. There are many and they are usually pretty care-free. Plenty of water the first year and then they can tolerate neglect.

  3. Wwwwwoooowwww, that is neat! Did it smell as pretty as it looks?

  4. After it was cut it perfumed the air.

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  6. beautiful pictures of lavender.
    I love it so much I bought a teddy bear stuffed with lavender.
    Linda Seattle, WA

  7. Linda, you should come down and visit and see the fields blooming. During the lavender festival! There is a lot to see and do here, you'd love it!

    And I love Seattle!


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