Monday, August 30, 2010

Hotel Wedding

The boys went with me last week to pick up a couple of wedding cake plates at the Columbia Gorge Hotel.

The hotel sits on a cliff over the Columbia River and they wanted to see the 208 foot waterfall.

I participated in a bridal show at the hotel early last spring. This summer I have done a number of weddings there, including two last weekend.

Delivering cakes to the weddings held at this grand old hotel has helped me to improve my skills and raised the bar on my execution. I have learned a lot this summer.

One of last weekend's weddings was filmed for the television show Say Yes to the Dress. I don't watch that program but I will if I hear that they show the cake cutting for this wedding!

That's my cake in the back corner. Next to it is a baker assembling the Chinook helicopter groom's cake that I declined to make. That baker did an impressive job.

I'll stick to making cakes that are simple and elegant and leave the sugar sculptures to more talented people than me.


  1. That is gorgeous. I love their choice of cake topper, too. We don't watch "Say Yes to the Dress" either, but I'm going to have to watch now to see if your cake makes the director's cut.

  2. I'm not going to count on it. There will probably be one nanosecond of the bride walking down the aisle or something. But let me know if you see it! ;-)


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