Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random thoughts of the day

*Today I met with two bridal couples.
One couple ordered and tasted four different cakes.

*This weekend I have three weddings.
Two hundred servings of cake. Two kinds.
Fifty servings of pie.
Fifty more servings of Summer Berry Pie.

*I can't find any fresh strawberries in the valley.

*Next month I have nine weddings.
Two were just booked this week.

*I really need a secretary. Or assistant. Or something.

*This week is county fair week. Today I missed seeing my daughter show her goats.
She won Champion and Grand Champion ribbons on her applesauce cake and whole wheat bread.

Just letting you know why I'm not a very good blogger lately.
Not that I'm ever a good blogger, but this week I have an excuse.

P.S. I miss my grandsons. I wanna sniff a newborn!!!!!


  1. There is now a puddle of drool on my desk. I was going to ask you to make a small anniversary cake for us while we were down but knew how busy you were. You make the best cakes ever!!!

  2. I don't know how you do it. I'd be a wreck.
    If only they could bottle that newborn smell.

  3. Carissa, are you coming down for Loraine and Trevor's anniversary? You can eat my cake there!

    Southern Gal- I like your new photo! Has your grandbaby's smell disappeared yet? It doesn't last long...

  4. Whoohoo!!!!!!!!!! We'll be there.

  5. Nothing smells like a new born baby. I miss it.


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