Friday, July 23, 2010

Last Day

Do I need to say how difficult it is to leave this little guy who will change in the blink of an eye? I won't be able to watch him grow and develop and learn every day.

Once again during the night he was wide awake when his mama needed him to sleep. So he laid on a pile of pillows in my bed, content to look around and oblivious to the normal night-time expectations of sleep. He was so happy and observant for a two week old baby. When I put my face close to him and talked to him, he burst out in a huge, body-engulfing newborn smile, -twice- exuding pure and genuine baby happiness. I knew without a doubt he knows me and my voice and likes me too! But that will all fade from his memory when I am gone as it is replaced with all the other things he needs to learn about.

It was the same with Jonah five years ago. I had to leave after spending two weeks bonding with him during night-time wakefulness. But now my older grandson knows me, loves me and remembers me. Some day the same will happen with Evan too.

So if you are a grandparent living close to your grandchildren, be thankful and be there. You are privileged.


  1. It is a privilege and I am truly thankful. I feel for you. I'm so glad you got to spend those late night/early morning moments with him.

  2. I love that picture..he is adorable!...and even though I refuse to grow up (or want my children to grow up) I can't wait to be a gran.....grandm..I can't say it..but it will be fun!

  3. Stop complaining about having to leave, at least you got to BE there with him. Unlike.. well, all the rest of us!

  4. You are very blessed to have spent this much time with him! If my kids ever have kids, I hope they let me do this too...

  5. Thanks for the reminder. I needed that... coping with 100 degree summer time temperatures, mosquitos and chigger bites itching like crazy and grasshoppers mowing down my garden, I forget why I'm here.
    I came soooo close to moving to Oregon (one reason I follow your blog). I fell in love with that area of the country and had just about convinced myself to move there when my daughter announced she was pregnant with twins. I realized I could not stand being a long distant grandma and so I find myself in Dallas. There are no guarantees; if their jobs in this uncertain economy makes them move... I won't be able to follow. But for now I have identical twin two and a half year old girls to play with. It has been an awesome 3 years and I wouldn't trade a moment of it for cooler weather.
    I'm glad you got some good bonding time in. Baby cuddles are so special and you of all people know how fast they grow up. (Just the other day I was told in no uncertain terms "No, Nanna. I do it. I a BIG girl now.")
    Burn those frequent flyer miles and visit often as you can.


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