Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Inside an Amish Kitchen

We went a-visiting the other day, down the gravel road to the Glick dairy farm to see Ruth's kitchen where she was making her blackberry pies.

The cabinets were all free-standing pieces of handmade furniture. This was made by her brother-in-law. I was interested to see that the cabinet's oak panel doors are exactly like mine which were made by my father.

The water comes from a well pump outside. It had a small gas motor attached for ease of running a hose to the cattle in the barn.

The July heat was hovering in the mid-90's. The wood cook stove was stoked up for baking.

The fire box on the left side was glowing with warmth- which would feel fantastic in January- but not so much in July.

On the right side is a place to heat water. The girls dip the scalding hot water out to carry to a washing station where it goes into a bowl for cleaning dishes.

There were no counter-tops, only a couple of tables as work-top spaces.

Ruth made beautiful, perfect looking blackberry pies. She used a stopper from a cut glass oil pitcher to make the designs in her lard crust.

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