Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Can Be An Epic Failure Too



My darling daughter insists that I need to show more of my failures and foibles---

My charred chickens, crumbling cookies and leaning towers of cake.

Just to keep it real.

To show that I'm sooooooo not Martha Stewart

And that it all really is just Pie in the Sky.

So here you latest in a long line of baking failures. And I won't even give you my excuses. Because I could tell you about how difficult it is finding my way around someone else's kitchen, even my own daughter's, and anyone can see that cornstarch and baking powder look exactly alike and even more so when the cans are exactly the same color and brand.

But I'm not going to give excuses. All you need to know is that stuff happens. To me. All the time. I just don't always blog about it.

Cupcake Fail


  1. Oh, mom, you forgot to mention the dropped cake incident. You know, when you dropped the large chocolate cake onto the oven door. :D

  2. Oh yes. Thank you. So much. I needed that reminder.

  3. Children keep us honest, yes? We're all just human.

  4. Oh, how did they taste? Cause fallen cakes are one of my favorite things to eat. I'm not sure how cornstarch would make them taste, though.

  5. This makes my day!!!

  6. There was only a tablespoon of cornstarch so it didn't effect the taste at all. They taste like soft fudgy brownies. Yeah. Terrible!


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