Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby's Day Out

It's been a busy time here at my daughter's place. Busy and yet quiet. I've never felt so relaxed. Besides trying to help the new baby get his days and nights straight (night=sleep, day=play), and spending time with my grandson, I've been helping with home improvements, chores and gardening. No schedule. No meetings, phone calls or mega-cake-baking episodes. That starts again next week.

Yesterday Katie and her boys and I ventured out for some good old mid-western style antiquing.

Antique stores around the country are different and unique and Michigan has its own style too. There were lots of furniture pieces that were recognizable as Amish made. Many that I wished I could take home with me. Lots of junk that people want to call "antique" and plenty of items that weren't even older then my shoes. But I did find a few treasures to take home.

My favorite place was here:
It was more of a folk art store than a true antique store. It had a mixture of recently made folk art, older pieces and new country reproduction lines.

This cabinet would look great in Katie's butter yellow kitchen!

If you enjoy magazines like Country Living, you would love this store.

I loved the well-made folk art.

Behind the store was a charming garden area.

We explored the quiet setting.
Katie looks a bit pregnant in this photo doesn't she?

Evan slept in this baby wrap for two hours while we walked around shopping!

Jonah checked to see if Mr. Brown Bear was in residence.

Our jaunts out and about take us through Michigan's rural farmland.
Driving home, we all took delight in getting a close look at these sand hill cranes feeding in a low, wet area. Only a couple more days and I'll be back in the Great Northwest.

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