Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Wild Wedding

The preparations that I do before a wedding do not all require the use of flour, sugar, butter and chocolate.

Sometimes I have to build things with cardboard and paper and glue.

Last week in addition to baking one hundred red velvet cupcakes, one cappuccino cheesecake, chocolate cake for 115 and 141 strawberry shortcakes I had to build a customized cupcake display.

The wedding had a very specific theme and color palette. Red and black. Leopard print.

At the initial consultation meeting with the bride and her mother I was shown a very high, spike heeled shoe in faux leopard fur with a red bow on the toe. The shoes were for the nine bridesmaids. They also brought me leopard print cupcake papers to use for the red velvet cupcakes. Later they sent me five yards of leopard print ribbon to use on the cupcake display.

Here's the wild finished display at the wedding venue yesterday.

As I was setting up, the photographer was doing a shoot with the bridal party. The nine girls walked by (some stumbled in their tall shoes on the brick pathway through the gardens) in their wedding finery. I have to say that I thought they looked kinda like cocktail waitresses. The dresses were very short (mid-thigh) black numbers with a flounced skirt that had a red underskirt. The bodice was fitted, sleeveless, and V-neck. They all clutched red roses. Remember the shoes were faux leopard fur with red bows on the toe. Quite a parade through the garden I must say.

Continuing with the leopard print, even the cappuccino cheesecake had the pattern in chocolate.

The cupcakes in their papers were simply adorned with red and black sugar.

To each his (her) own. I don't expect to do another wedding quite like this one.


  1. It may not by my style (by a long shot), but it looks fun! Those desserts look great! Looks like the cupcake papers worked out well!

  2. I didn't bake with them like you suggested so they were loose but they looked a lot better than if I had baked the cupcake in them.

    The cheesecake tasted really good. I should make it more often with the coffee flavor. I ended up using the coffee liqueur that Kris brought back from Mexico and espresso powder. I may post the recipe.

  3. Definitely post the recipe. And I agree it isn't my style but to each their own. As long as the couple loved it that's all that matters.

  4. Well, when the bride walked by while I was setting up she got very excited about the display.

  5. If you've pleased the bride then you've succeeded. Thanks for the photos on how you make your cake stands. That's handy to know.

    And there may be a baby soon. Just sayin'...


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