Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On the farm today

I found these pictures on my camera.

It's what happens when little kids get a hold of it.
I actually think they are pretty good shots.

You know goats only have one thing on their minds. Always.
Mine! Mine!

Hey! Is that all?


  1. Wow, you have a lot of goats! A whole cluster of them. I didn't know you had so many...

  2. Goats: you either love goats or hate them, laugh when they stand on top of the round bales or scream when they stand on the car bumper. I like goats and that is why I'm not allowed to have any - because WE would drive wife beyond her limits. But... it makes me smile when I see goats. - Bill

  3. Katie, we had five kids this year. Time to get rid of them too!

    I agree, Bill. But the love/hate relationship can change from day to day. Like when the five kids got out and destroyed a newly planted pear tree sapling. It had four kinds grafted on it. In their zeal to eat it all they snapped it off at the ground. We're still getting over that one!

  4. Those are awesome shots! Never had goats...well, one that is and he didn't stay too long.

  5. Awesome shots and taken by an 8 year old!


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