Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Over the Edge

It's raining! It's pouring!

Mama is roaring!---

"Please take me away
To a place hot and dry!
I'll walk, I'll crawl
(But I would prefer to fly)

"I want to lie in the sun
Let me burn,
I won't care!

It's better than drizzly cold rain in my hair!

"Feed me cool summer treats
Like melons and berries
Icy drinks in my hand-
(Sangria with cherries!)

"Am I doomed to just dream?
It's supposed to be summer!
Get me outta here!
Oregon's a BUMMER!"


  1. I keep telling you to just come here! What's taking you so long? (Okay, so we had torrential rains again this morning, but at least here, it blows over.)

    I have a sunburn.
    I've been eating strawberries by the handful.
    We just finished off a watermelon.
    The birds sing all day.
    The fireflies are coming out.

    (Oh, I mean, not to brag, or anything. I guess I should mention that the mosquitoes are horrid, the humidity is miserable, we have to run fans at night, and I have a sunburn.)

  2. We're hot, humid, AND rainy. It's getting Ditto on the mosquitoes. Thunderstorms are happening every evening. That doesn't usually happen until July or August.

  3. Well, we have NO mosquitoes. Never do despite the wetness. Something good to say...

    I have my ticket Katie but according to Murphy, as soon as I go to the airport the sun will come out here and it will get cold there. Right? Don't I sound like a ray of sunshine?

  4. Uh, the sun will come out there, but I doubt that it will be cold here. We're talking about July in Michigan.


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