Monday, June 7, 2010

Dance Lesson

Roll up the rug...

'Cuz it's time to swing!

Seven kids and each one has their own unique strengths and interests. Little Sister's is a natural affinity for dancing. She loves it and has been called on a number of times to teach the dance-challenged a few steps to enhance their charisma with the ladies. To add a few Sally Points to their score card.

Big Brother is suiting up for two weddings this weekend and he needed to polish his swing moves.

Good thing he's got Little Sister on his team.


  1. Haha! "Names have been changed to protect the identity of the innocent (Sally)."

  2. Someone tell them that they're supposed to cut that rug, not roll it up.

  3. When you come home, you can show them how. Aren't you the only one who hasn't stepped up for a lesson?

  4. We love dancing around here. I'm usually the one in the instructor's position. Then they always surpass me and leave me in the dust. Love that you captured the moment with your camera.

  5. I am a rug-cutting professional.

  6. Haven't seen it! We're gonna have to do some dancing at the party coming up, eh?


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