Monday, June 14, 2010

After the Rain- Work Party

It's been raining around these here parts for eight months.

October. November. December. JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMay.

Sure, once in awhile it would stop for a few minutes. In December it got cold enough a few times, just by a few degrees mind you, to snow. But then it would rain right afterward and the snow would turn into puddles.

It's the Great Northwest and it happens.

But when the rains continue all through spring, it is hard to get the work done around the homestead. Spring clean-up has been in progress in fits and starts for two months. The garden got planted but we are still waiting for the potatoes to show up. My dahlias are absent without leave. We had two (or was it three? It's all a blur) solid weeks of unrelenting downpours to finish off the rainy season. (It is finished isn't it? Please say yes.)

So with our first hot and sunny weekend there was a work party blitz. Again, my boys came in handy.

Because most of this stuff was man work.

What would I do without the masculine energy needed to maintain this place?

Move into the city and buy a Vespa. That's what I'd do.

But I won't need to do that for awhile. We still have plenty of boys around to keep things up on the farm.


  1. I'm sitting here catching up on blogs while listening to thunder in the background. The skies are threatening, but so far nothing. Heat lightning and thunder. That's summer in the south for you. Hope the rain lets up soon.

  2. The rain let up but we have no heat. Today it was in the 50's with wind (as always). I worked all day in the gardens bundled up from head to toe. Not much tanning going on here.


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