Friday, May 7, 2010

This!...... how you make a solar system cake! With candies. Complete with asteroid belt!

(Just in case you know any little kids who want one for their birthday!)

My daughter has way more imagination than I. Excellent job, Katie!

Now I want a piece.


  1. Awwww... thanks. Oh, it was yummy, too! Thanks for the great recipe!

    If anyone needs to know-- the small planets are regular and mini m&ms, the asteroids are purple nerds, the "gas giants" are yogurt-covered malt-balls which I scratched up with a skewer and rubbed in food-coloring, and the rings are fruit leather.

  2. I really like this cake design. It is very creative. You have inspired me that I can actually pull this off. And thank you for noting what you used for each planet. Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  3. Katie was very creative with this cake and I know she'll be excited to hear you were inspired to try it. This year Jonah is all about Jacques Cousteau and deep sea diving so the cake will be a new kind of challenge!


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