Sunday, May 23, 2010


Back in 2000 I was pregnant with our sixth baby. My BFF, Lila, was pregnant with her seventh and we were due at the same time. We were homeschooling, homebirthing, 30-meal-making buddies who met when we were hauling our oldest boys to Little League baseball games.
We had the same midwife and had a lot of fun being pregnant together. This was taken not long before our babies arrived.

Samuel arrived first and Lila was present at his birth. When things calmed down at our house Lila promptly went home and gave birth to Esther.

This is the first picture of the babies together. Samuel is about 24 hours old and Esther is about one hour old. Did I mention that Lila always birthed Amazon babies? I think Esther weighed something like sixteen pounds. Okay, so that's an exaggeration. But only a little.

We had fun raising our babies together too. They were only one day apart in age.

I love how Esther is giving Sammy the stink-eye in this photo. What do you think she is thinking?

Esther clearly always had the upper hand in these baby photos.

For our babies first birthdays we had a party at our house and they both had their own little cake. This photo was taken that day on our back porch.

Later that summer, Lila and her family moved away to Mexico to live as missionaries. They have come back every two years or so for visits. They are here again for the summer for another stay and tonight they came over for dinner.

I couldn't resist getting Sammy and Esther together again for another picture on the back porch.

Nine years later and they are still as cute as ever.

That Amazon baby has turned into an Amazon nine year old. Sammy is still one day older than her.

Here is a picture of all our kids back in the summer of 2000, the day our friends left for Mexico.

And here are a remnant of the kids tonight. Life has changed. All the older kids are spread out establishing their adult lives, there are two little guys in this photo that weren't born yet in the above photo.
Nothing accentuates the march of time more than pictures of kids.

Well, a look in the mirror every morning works pretty well too.


  1. Wow... everybody's so... huge! Hardly recognize them. I had to figure out who was who in that last photo by deduction...

  2. How cute! Love that story and I bet the kids will be friends for life!

  3. I look just as disheveled in the last picture as I do in the orriginal group photo.

  4. Nah.
    I love how your shirt is buttoned up to the neck.


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