Sunday, May 9, 2010

His Dream Come True

Have I mentioned that Peter loves tractors? More than a little bit.

He proudly took this photo of some of his collection of farm equipment. He is very meticulous in his care of his tractors, implements and especially his combine. His bedroom walls are John Deere green at his request. The blue is for his brother.

Peter wants to move to Kansas so he can be a farmer who plants and harvests wheat and corn.

He plows, plants and harvests the living room rug every week.

He also keeps a close eye on the activities of a local farmer who is working up the field across the road from our house. Saturday the farmer was discing the field and Peter was longing for a ride in the big John Deere.

His daddy made his dream come true.

Peter got to take a ride.

He got a little taste of the farmer's life.

It was the best thing that ever happened in his life.


  1. Doesn't that just make your heart leap? How exciting for him!

  2. How awesome! I'm sure he was overjoyed!

    Too bad he won't be here during harvest...

  3. Haha... rad! Dream come true, like my getting to climb up in a tractor trailer during my semi truck obsession phase as a kid on Vassar Rd.

  4. Yes! I remember that. About the same age too.
    He's planning on getting more rides and this morning he is obsessing about how to display his tractors on the new shelves I got for his bedroom. What a kid!

  5. I love the expression on his face! I admire his enthusiasm! Don't you think it is good to have something to be passionate about...even tractors?! :D

  6. I love tractor`s hhhhu.


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