Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Busy Day at the Bakery

A big catering job this week required that I hire a couple good helpers for a busy day in my kitchen.

My floral designer friend, Annie, taught me everything I know about arranging flowers so I thought I'd teach her everything I know about filling cupcakes.

She and Alyssa filled one hundred fudge cupcakes with vanilla cream filling and one hundred lemon buttermilk cupcakes with lemon curd.

Nine year old Samuel picked up my camera and did his best to emulate his big brother who has previously photographed my kitchen productions.
Samuel likes doing the close-ups too...pretty good for my little point and shoot!

Samuel likes chocolate ganache too.

Annie was a big help with preparing the boxes for transporting three hundred cupcakes- another challenge of a different type.

Alyssa has become a very accomplished pastry dough roller. She spent many hours honing her skills on last year's apple turnover projects.

That left me to form one hundred tartlettes and fill them with strawberry rhubarb filling.

These will be topped with a dot of fresh whipped cream and a slice of strawberry for garnish.

Tomorrow I'll be icing the other two hundred cupcakes before delivery to the event.

And yes....there are a number of less then perfect, "ugly" cupcakes and tarts up for grabs! If you snooze, you lose!


  1. Shut. Up.

    No, seriously, shut this blog up. Or mail me cupcakes.

  2. Whoooo DROOLSOME!!!!!!

  3. Kris, your comment has become a favorite quote at our house. I don't know how many times my children or husband (ok, me too) have yelled it.

  4. "Shut this blog up or mail me cupcakes"?

    It does sound pretty funny.


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