Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Weekend Report

The Good. The Bad.
...and the Ugly.

The weekend started out with a baking session- apple pie for a bride to taste and carrot cake for a birthday order.
The Good: the pie came out well.
The Bad: the cake...not so well.
The Really Bad: because I had to dash out to meet the bride and her family I missed seeing my sister's little sugar muffin who came a-visiting. Rats.

The Pie Tasting
The Good: The meeting with the bride went well. They are having seven pies for their wedding.
The Not So Good: They ordered seven different pies- chocolate cream, banana cream, coconut custard (not cream! Anyone have a recipe for this?), berry, peach, rhubarb and....pumpkin!

The Opening Day of Little League Baseball

The Good: Peter didn't hide under his bed and Samuel got to pitch.

The Bad: It rained.

Weekend Project
The Good: fifteen years after the pantry closet was built, it is getting a real floor.

The Bad: Mr. D. is short one two-foot piece to finish. Ya mean we have to buy another 2o square foot box to finish?

The Weekend Chores

The Good: lush grass meant lots of clippings to mulch the strawberry bed.

The Bad: the strawberry bed is only half done.
Boys! Mow again!

The Good: I planted a Japanese Maple and got flower beds weeded.
The Bad: I'm tenth....done. And then I'll have to start over.

Final Performance of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown.

The Good: Alyssa had a great time playing Marcie and we had a great time seeing the show.

The Bad: Peter forgot to get Snoopy's autograph.

Now for the Ugly:

(Seth, I know you are waiting for this new facebook picture...)


  1. Hey,I made carrot cake this weekend for the first time in probably 18 years. It was ugly, but delicious. (Used to make them for bake sales all the time and would sell them beforehand to a lady who would call and ask me to put her name on them.) Sorry. I don't have a coconut custard recipe, but it sounds fantastic.

    Your lush green grass makes me jealous. Centipede doesn't look like that...ever.

  2. I accidentally left out one of the nine eggs in my cake so it was a little....dense. But, yes, it still tasted good. It's pretty hard to really ruin carrot cake, isn't it?



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