Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Road trippin'

Our oldest son came home last December after working for sixteen months for a charity organization in South America. After a brief trip back to the European office over the winter he was back home again. No longer working for the foundation and planning to attend school next fall he needed something to do in the interim.

What do out of work twenty-somethings do with themselves?

Road trip.

He paired up with another young man with a case of wanderlust, who just happens to be the oldest son of my dear friend, Sarah, and they began planning a road trip. The first one we heard about was driving from Switzerland to Ethiopia. Say what? Right. Didn't work out. Then they were going to drive from Oregon to Peru. Nope. No way to cross the jungle known as the Darien Gap.

So they have settled for driving from Oregon to Belize, which is just south of Mexico.

After acquiring a car, camping gear, tools, surf boards, extra car parts, camera lenses and what not, they are ready to go!

Kris blogged about the preparations but he won't be blogging about the trip, to our great disappointment.

That doesn't mean he hasn't stopped taking hundreds of photographs a day. It will take weeks for us to look through all the trip pictures when he finally gets back, God-willing, two months from now.

Along the way they plan to see the wild flowers in Death Valley, the sunset in the Grand Canyon, various cousins, friends and grandparents, and the waves of the Gulf of Mexico.

We at home are praying that the roads will be safe, the surfing will be good, the car and gear will stay in their possession, and that the two of them are still friends after weeks on the road. We'll find out!

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  1. What an opportunity! They will remember this for the rest of their lives. Here's to a safe, fun trip with a steadfast friendship at the end.

    I had to smile as I read how they planned their trip. The only reason my husband let our daughter go on a mission trip the summer of her junior year was if she went to Panama. He finally told us he agreed to Panama because he could rent a jeep and go get her if he had to! (She had picked Belize, but they didn't offer it that year.)


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